Rider Guide to get you started

Have a look at our Rider’s Guide for more info on getting going in the great sport of BMX.

There are many different sanctioning bodies in a layered fashion in the world of BMX. At the top is the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). It is the world governing body for all cycling disciplines. Next is the Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) who are sanctioned by the UCI to organize and promote cycling in Canada. Our provincial branch of the CCA is the Alberta Bicycle Association (ABA). The mission of the ABA is to act as the organizing body which promotes all aspects of cycling in Alberta. Last but not least we have the Alberta BMX Association. This is the main “workhorse” for hosting the Alberta Provincial series, as well as promoting BMX as a strong discipline within the ABA.

Because there are so many sanctioning bodies – there are also a lot of rules. I think the Link below now covers most if not all of the rules for BMX. Please let us know if anything is missing!

New Rules for the 2022 Season

Follow the BMX Rules link for all information regarding Rules and Bodies governing BMX in Canada. It also contains information regarding MOTO building and some other really great information. Check it out!!!

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