BMX is bicycle motocross – the newest Olympic sport! It comes in two flavours – Freestyle and Racing. It is the latter of these two that St. Albert BMX offers.  BMX racing is riding on a bike around a dirt track which has corners, bumps and jumps. In other words – it’s fun! Kids just love doing it. Once they start – they’ll be hooked. But BMX isn’t just for kids! Dads and Moms are welcome to join too.

St. Albert BMX is a 100% volunteer non-profit organization introducing BMX to all who want to learn. We are happy to provide fun, fast and furious racing every Tuesday night from May through September. With coaching, and practice nights the rest of the week.

A picture is worth a thousand words … BMX is a sport which helps build character and fosters camaraderie between riders of all ages and abilities. The truly great thing about the sport – is you can join anytime throughout the season.

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