Bicycle Motocross (or BMX)


There are many forms of BMX, but only two that are internationally recognized and are Olympic sports!

It comes in two styles of riding, BMX Freestyle and BMX Racing.

At St. Albert BMX we offer BMX Racing!


Olympic Sport

BMX Racing was first to become an Olympic sport at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

BMX Freestyle followed at the 2020 Toyko Olympic games.

BMX started in the late 1960s in California, around the time that motocross became in the USA. BMX is very similar to the motorcycle style of racing, just without the motor.

In 1981, the International BMX Federation was founded and was officially recognized by the International Cycling Union (UCI) in 1993.

BMX Racers

BMX racers are explosive athletes with extremely powerful legs for pedaling and strong arms for pumping and jumping over track obstacles. Riders race on dirt tracks containing rollers, jumps, and turns that challenge their riding skills.

Riders wear full face helmets, gloves, sometimes goggles. They wear a long sleeve shirt and durable pants with pads underneath in case they crash.

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BMX bikes are smaller than normal bicycles because the riders never sit down and need to be nimble on the bike.

Family Sport

BMX is a sport for the whole family. Athletes between the ages of five and 65 regularly compete at local tracks, at Provincial races or even at national events across Canada, the USA and around the world.

BMX racing is clean, exciting fun that the whole family can get involved in, whether it be as a racer, spectator, pit crew or track volunteer.

Races are organized according to age groups and skill levels so everyone gets the opportunity to compete on a fair and competitive basis.

In other words, it’s fun!

Kids, Teens and Adults alike just love doing it. Once you start, you’ll usually be hooked.

Great Place to Volunteer!

St. Albert BMX is a 100% volunteer run non-profit organization introducing BMX to all who want to learn. We are happy to provide safe, fun, fast and furious racing from May through September.


BMX is a sport which helps build character and fosters camaraderie between riders of all ages and abilities.

Stop by and join in the fun!