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How Do I Become a Member?

So you wanna ride our track? Membership Fees are offered for both local and provincial racing depending on your level of enthusiasm! See the steps below for full details on how to get your ticket to ride…

 Alberta Bicycle now accepts online application for the annual UCI/CCA BMX race license or General Membership. All Riders require annual ABA Membership to ride our track. Except Strider Riders. Get yours early and avoid the rush…here’s how…..

Step 1: ABA REGISTRATION Get your full UCI/CCA License or General Membership now!

Go Online to www.albertabicycle.ab.ca or Click Alberta Bicycle to register.

Choose one of the following options:

✓ UCI/CCA BMX Racing License*

Choose this option if you want to be able to race on any CCA affiliated track in Canada! This is what you want if you plan to race Provincial or National BMX races, or would like to travel to other tracks in the area and race. These licenses are Digital and require you to upload a picture when you register. Select a BMX racing License according to age:

  • BMX (born 2001 – 2014)                  $95
  • BMX (born in or before 2000)       $115


✓ General Membership (non-racing)*For those who only want to race on our awesome track, this membership lets you participate in local racing, coaching and open track nights at St. Albert BMX only. Your wins do not count towards moving up in the sport. You will still need to upload a picture these licenses are also digital.  Do not fast track these licenses all we need to see is your receipt at the track. In the online form under “membership type” choose ONLY:

  • General Membership (non-racing)           $41

Remember to carry your license with you at all times…it’s your ticket to ride!

*HELPFUL HINTS: In the on-line form, affiliate with St. Albert BMX ($100 option under Club Info this pays your membership for St Albert BMX if you are going for a family membership put in $0 and we will collect the family price at the track) for both license options. Photos need to be uploaded or submitted for those applying for UCI/CCA license, as well as proof of age for new riders.   Beginners register as novice riders. Your race level is determined by age as at Dec 31, 2020. There is no extra charge if you want to ride both 20 inch and Cruiser.

Step 2: CLUB REGISTRATION: JOIN ANYTIME during the race season!

Here are your fee options for this year:

St. Albert Club Fees for 2022 (all ages) $100 can be done when getting your license.

Family membership, for 3 or more family members, is $250

Affiliate with our club by completing this year’s club registration form.
the St. Albert BMX Code of Conduct form!
Get it here or at the track:

BMX – _Registration Form 2022 (2) (1)

BMX 2022 Registration Helpful Hints (2) (2)


Visit us here at the track or come to early registration (check home page for location & dates) to complete your registration!   a fully refundable Volunteer Deposit. Here are the final details:

✓ Volunteer Deposit $200 (refundable when volunteer requirements are met)Post dated October 1, 2022

We can’t race without your help! In lieu of cashing your volunteer cheque, all we ask for is:

  • 20 hours on the track, concession, registration, set up for Aurora race June 19, 2020, track maintenance.

If you do not wish to volunteer there is $250 opt-out fee at time of registration.

Be sure to sign in at the moto shed to log your hours. Relatives and friends can also volunteer on your rider’s behalf. All help is very much appreciated

What Equipment Do I Need?

First, you will of course require a bike! 20 inch diameter wheels recommended, 24 inch if you are riding in the Cruiser class. Please remove all reflectors, bike stands, pegs, bells or other extra stuff before you arrive. Gears are allowed, but not needed.

Second, for the rider, the following gear must be worn when riding the track:

✓ Full faced helmet
✓ Gloves (full fingered)
✓ Long sleeves
✓ Long pants (tear resistant, durable fabric)
✓ Fully closed shoes (no sandals of any type)

We rent loaner equipment for first timers! We have helmets, gloves and even bikes! Come and give us a try!

What Happens on Race Night?

We race on Tuesday nights from May to September!  Check with us for weather updates and cancellations! Call us at 780-460-1269 (or come and see us in person) and leave your name, assigned plate number and age level no later than 6:30 pm!
Report to the moto shed upon arrival to sign in with ABA license. Confirm your name on the rider list by 6:45pm. Moto sheets (race order) will be posted shortly after and the gate drops at 7:15 pm!

Volunteers are needed every night we race! We can’t do it without your support. It’s easy and you get a great view of racing! Sign up at the moto shed and grab a red vest!

Registration Bonus…

Earn $5 in St. Albert BMX Conce$$ion Ca$h!

Bring a friend who’s new to BMX and sign ’em up for FULL membership! You get $5 to spend in our concession and they get to ride our track! It’s a win-win situation! See us at the Moto shed for full details!

Race Checklist…

✓ Bike (pegs, reflectors, front brakes, fenders and other unsafe items must be removed)
✓ Full-faced helmet, gloves, long pants, long sleeves, closed shoes
✓ Alberta Bicycle Association membership (ALL riders must present a license
or membership proof of payment to ride the track)

✓ St. Albert BMX Club Membership paid
✓ Volunteer deposit submitted
✓ Don’t forget to help us out with our fundraising efforts!

Now you’re ready to ride! Have fun and… Crank it up!!!

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